Based out of Regina Saskatchewan, Montreal Que and Vancouver B.C., Dagan Harding has written, performed and recorded music in various groups and collaborations since 2000, namely Regina's band Despistado (Jade Tree), and now under his own name with his first solo release. Best Times hosts collaborations with various members of the Canadian Indie rock community including Michael Thieven (Library Voices) Jeff Romanyk (Rah Rah), Leif Thorseth (Rah Rah, Despistado), Enver Hampton (Volcanoeless in Canada, Factor Chandelier), Andrea Hedlund (Regina Symphony Orchestra), Travis Packer, Gage McGuire (Surf Dad's) and Loel Campbell (Wintersleep).
Best Times:
Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Bass Synth, Keyboards, Percussion, Songs / Dagan Harding
Drums / Michael Thieven
Bass / Travis Packer
Violin / Andrea Hedlund
Production / Dagan Harding, Orion Paradis
Live Lineup:
Vocals, Guitar / Dagan Harding
Drums / Michael Thieven, Gage Mcquire, Jeffrey Romanyk, Chris Dimas
Bass / Travis Packer, Enver Hampton, Joel Passmore, John Wolfond
Violin, Synth, Vocals / Andrea Hedlund
Photos: Chris Graham Photography
Production of Best Times was made possible with support from Creative Saskatchewan's Sound recording Grant Program






“Featured on the seven-song set are spritely indie rock songs like ‘Naked Eye’ and
‘Pretty Expert’, which are packed with bright and buzzy guitars and Harding's sweet and
squeaky vocals. “ Gregory Adams, Album Stream - Exclaim!


“Dagan Harding has compiled together a new solo offering that draws deep from his
past work but manages to capture a whole new brand of magic. On Best Times the
guitars still chime as sharp as ever, while the vocals, combined with lyrics that are often
introspective and wryly poetic, contain elements of maturity. Thankfully, Harding hasn’t
lost an ounce of wonder.” Chris Morin, Ominocity


“The resulting eclectic and hook-laden tracks are reminiscent of At the Drive-In’s chaos
and poetry mashed with The Rolling Stones’ form and flair. It’s all about conflict.”
Devin Pacholik, The Leader-Post


Hey Folks, I'm writing to let you know a couple of really important things! Really quickly, I am going to have a new EP (I Learned How) coming out in June. Don't laugh! It's only been 3 years. I know. I've been busy trying to be a professional. So the date is set for June 22nd, which is far enough away that I will probably have to remind you again a couple time before it actually comes out. But I want to plant the seed RIGHT NOW so that you know! And you can expect that. Secondly, its great to be able to say that I finally have a permanent lineup (after years of having 'flexible & lose membership", and getting tight and then being lose again with new people, I am relieved to have two members that are helping make this project more of a band than a solo thing. Chris Dimas from Surf Dad's fame, and Jon Wolfond from Blue Youth fame. Both are talents beyond measure and we've already starting work on the next bunch of songs. Third bit of housekeeping is, before the new EP comes out, I am going to be renovating the site sooner than later so it can be all spiffy and sparkly with some awesome new artwork and a new layout from which to make all those big announcements from.  And you can expect some big announcements about the new EP, after it has been renovated. Can you renovate a website? Now you officially can, in case you were wondering! lol. Third and lastly, along with the EP, I will also be releasing a set of some electronic music I've beed dabbling at over the past year. Its fun to experiment and try new things so I will be sharing some of that when its complete, sometime within the next couple months. But I can say this..... it'll be a surprise. It'll be my real attempt at electronic music and the name I'll be "dropping" it as (thats what you do online right? ... you drop things?), is "Lonewolf Dreamer". So you should go over to my facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/Lone-Wolf-Dreamer-1683519941660865/ ) and give me a follow! I think that's it for now, much love and be safe. Ciao for now! Dagan



Its 915 A.M. Feb 4 and I'm about to leave to Winnipeg to play the first of 6 out of town concerts this month throughout AB, Man and Sk. I'm really excited to be hitting the road with some great people and to hopefully have some fantastic times. I remember when I was younger touring wasn't always my favourite thing to do but sort of just came with the package of being a musician. Now, I consider it a privilege and a bonus to do what I like to do and travel while doing it. Music and travelling are very different acts but can be a great recipe if you know how to balance your time and energy. Learning to enjoy them as two sides of the touring coin can be fun. New food, drinking new beer, meeting new people, going to new places and seeing some new music. All great things! We'll see what this months of shows has in store. / xo / Dagan 

Separate but relatedly, I made the following post on Facebook yesterday and it received some positive reaction so I decided to share here as well. Cheers. 

"Today marks two years since I have been Wolffe-Parkinson White Syndrome free. Grateful everyday to have a steady heart beat and excited to take on the things in 2016 that having WPW prevented me from taking on. So grateful to have the family support I did during those years and now (12 - 31) and so so grateful to have the new found freedom I now have. For those that don't know what its like to have your heart race at 180 beats a minute while you're sitting still in one spot, it is the scariest thing you can imagine. My body, mind and spirit has started to heal lately in ways I could never imagine possible during those years. The conditioning is now going away and I have felt what life can be like without having to suffer eradic heart racing and the fear and pain that goes along with it over the past 2 years. Thanks to everyone that has helped me in one way or another over the years, and I look forward to living many healthy years without this weird and oddly debilitating syndrome and the burden that it has put on loved ones and family. Also, in a strange way, I am grateful for lessons it has taught me about breathe, control, mental effectiveness, patience and having heightened body awareness. That on its own is pretty exciting in its own way and has allowed me to understand and achieve certain things. Mostly it has taught me how important breathe and meditation are to the vitality of the heart muscle and all it's electrical inner workings. I wouldn't trade my new normal heart rate for the old one though. This "cure" is a direct result of working with one of the best health specialists I could have asked for and the remarkable and astounding technological breakthroughs that have been made in recent heart medicine. It has allowed me to pursue my passions with even more dedication and conviction than I could bear or it was healthy to bear before and that has been the greatest gift of all. Thanks for reading and for the continued support. Rock on! Cheers."


We're happy to announce that "Best Times" has been nominated for top Saskatchewan releases of 2015. Click HERE to cast your vote. Polls will be open until Christmas. Vote often and vote well! 

Thanks for the support! Dagan 



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